Top 9 UART to USB – Barebones

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1. Hailege

Hailege 2pcs CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Serial Converter Module 5Pin STC PRGMR with Dupont Wire

Hailege - Cp2102 usb 2. 0 to ttl uart serial Converter Adapter. Baud rates: 300 bps to 1. 5 mbps. 5pins for 3. 3v, rst, rxd, txd, gnd & 5v. Connect mcU easily to your computer! Standard usb type a male and ttl 5pin connector.

2. H-2

H-2 TTLUART to USB2.0 Adapter DC5V/3.3V 50bps~2Mbps with Dupont Cables

H-2 - Usb2. 0 to uartttl converter. Power supply led, txd and RXT LED. Dc 3. 3v or 5V. Supporting 50 bps ~ 2Mbps, 12MHz Crystal oscillator. Supporting 1 start bis; 1~2 Stop bit; 5~8 Data bit; parity.
HerstellerH-2 Technik
ArtikelnummerH2 UT-003
ModellH2 UT-003

3. Waveshare

Waveshare USB to RS232 / RS485 / TTL UART Industrial Isolated Converter with Original FT232RL Inside Aluminium Alloy Enclosure Power/ADI Magnetical Isolation,TVS Diode

Waveshare - Wiki link: www. Waveshare. Com/wiki/usb_to_rs232/485/TTL. Onboard self-recovery fuse and protection diodes, ensures the current/voltage stable outputs, provides over-current/over-voltage proof, improves shock resistance.

Onboard unibody power supply isolation, provides stable isolated voltage, needs no extra power supply for the isolated terminal. Onboard tvs transient voltage suppressor, effectively suppress surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightning-proof & anti-electrostatic. Usb to rs232, adopt original ft232rl, usb to rs485, stable and reliable, fast communicating, usb to ttl UART, better compatibility.
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ArtikelnummerUSB TO RS232/485/TTL Converter
ModellUSB TO RS232/485/TTL

4. Hailege

Hailege 2pcs CP2102 MICRO USB to UART TTL Convert Module 6Pin Serial Converter Adapter UART STC Replace FT232 for Arduino

Hailege - Cp2102 micro usb to uart ttl Module. With a resettable fuse. Cp2102 driver download link: http://www. Silabs. Com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers. Aspx. In the event of accidental short-circuit can effectively protect your device and computer USB port to download.


Win7, CP2102 USB Serial Converter für Linux, Win10 Adapter, macOS, USB-UART-Wandler, Serielle Schnittstelle/TTL zu USB, Win8 - Dem arduino Pro Mini. Erweitern sie ihren computer um eine serielle Schnittstelle COM, Raspberry Pi, UART und greifen Sie auf Arduino, Router und viele weitere Geräte zu. Unterstützte betriebssysteme: Linux, macOS, Windows. Der usb-ttl-wandler liefert zwei ausgangsspannungen und eignet sich daher für sowohl für 3. 3v als auch für 5V Geräte. Der uart-adapter eignet sich ebenfalls für die Programmierung von Arduino Boards, wie z. B. Wird auch von windows 8 und Windows 10 unterstützt! .

6. Hailege

Hailege CP2102 USB to TTL UART 232 485 Port Mutual Convert Adapter USB Serial Port Adapter 6 in One Multi-Functional USB Serial Debug Tool for Windows WinCE Linux Mac 32 64

Hailege - Cp2102 usb to ttl uart 232 485 port mutual Convert Adapter. Usb to ttl, ttl to 485, usb to 232, ttl to 232, usb to 485, 232 to 485.6 in one multi-functional USB Serial Debug Tool.

7. Coolwell

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11., Wince, FT232 USB to UART TTL Communication Module, USB-C Connector, Linux, Compatible 3.3V/5V Logic Level, Supports Mac OS, Android

Coolwell - Supports mac os, linux, wince, android, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. 3x vccio power mode via jumper setting: vccio - 5v: 5v output; vccio - 3. 3v: 3. 3v output; open the jumper: powered from target board 3. 3v-5v. 3x led indicators: txd, rxd, pwr; pins accessible on pinheaders: TXD, RTS#, rxd, CTS#. Original ft232RL onboard. Other pins are accessible on drilled holes, easily connected to user application system the pin pitch is compatible with universal prototype board.

8. Yizhet

Yizhet 2X FTDI Serial Adapter FT232RL USB zu TTL Adapter 3,3V / 5V Modul Mini Port für Arduino und Raspberry Pi

Yizhet - Einfach über einen Jumper einstellbar auf 3, 3V und 5V. Anschlüsse: dtr, tx, cts, vcc, rXD, GND. Anschluss an den PC über Mini USB. Ftdi adapter usb zu ttl serial mit FT232RL Chip. Schneller und einfaches verbinden mit dem Arduino Pro Mini.

9. Hailege

Hailege 3pcs PL2303TA USB to TTL COM RS232 Download Cable Works Well with Windows XP VISTA Win 8/10 Mac OS X/Linux

Hailege - Please refer to http://www. Prolific. Com. Tw/us/showProduct. Aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41, and then download the Prolific 2303 driver. Wide os support- this usb ttl serial cable is supported by most common oses such as win xp/vista/7/8/8.

1/10/ mac os x/Linux. Built-in pl2303ta chipset- this usb to ttl serial cable with built-in PL2303TA chip is easiest way ever to connect to your microcontroller/Raspberry Pi/WiFi router serial console port. If you are running linux, drivers are already included in the kernel, no need to install anything. Wide application- this pl2303 usb ttl cable widely used for laboratories, product testing and low cost MCU communications etc. Four wire- red - 5v; black - ground; Green -Tx; White - Rx.